I am grateful for my health. Three weeks ago, my head clogged up big time; you know that yellow yukky stuff that returns no matter how much you blow your nose, it won’t go away. The doctor said it wasn’t an infection because I didn’t have a headache, nor were my sinuses bothering me. I’m not sure I agree, but I’m not a doctor. Two weeks ago, a bladder infection hit with a vengeance. Yesterday a toothache, and I’m grateful for my health. Am I nuts?

   This morning at 8:30 a.m. I phoned my dentist. I was sitting in her chair at noon. She said, “You need to have a root canal. I will write you a prescription for antibiotics to fight the infection before doing the root canal.

    When I left the dentist’s office, I agreed to pay the $1,300 for the root canal and $68.00 for today’s exam and x-ray. I went to the grocery store to buy soft foods; yogurt, sushi, soup, stuff I didn’t have to chew. It hurt. I was walking back to my car parked in the disabled parking space when my grocery cart stopped dead; it wouldn’t push forward or backward. I pushed and pulled. No movement. I heard a voice behind me; a young man said, “Can I help?” He tried, but the grocery cart wouldn’t budge. I said, “No worries, I am just about to my car; I can carry my groceries.” He kindly asked if I could manage; I assured him I could.

     I felt a bit weak; I stopped at the food court and picked up a coffee. Elphie, my hearing dog, and I managed to get across the sidewalk to my car. I opened the back door and said, “Car” she jumped in. I put my groceries in the hatch-back, sat in the driver’s seat, and pushed it back as far as possible. Ohhhh, I need something to eat. I pulled out the egg salad sandwich from the grocery store, ate half of it, and washed it down with the coffee. Still a little shaky but convinced myself I could make it to the drug store and pick up the anti-biotics. The druggist said it would take 45 minutes. Ohhhh, my goodness. I can do it; I can, I can. I waited in my car.

     Home, with script in hand, groceries waiting on the floor to be put in the fridge; I popped the antibiotic and ate the other half of the egg salad sandwich. I’m beat; I’m going to lay down and sleep it off.

     I took my hearing aides out; it was quieter. My dry eye was hurting. I heated the eye mask in the microwave to apply to my eyes for 20 minutes, easing the pain. I grabbed my cozy blanket and took my socks off, my feet were cold, but under the blanket, my bare feet warm up. I called Elphie and said, “Here.” She jumped on the couch beside me; the warmth of her body comforted me. I couldn’t sleep.  I may as well get up.

     I am, drinking freshly squeezed lemon with Manuka honey, and hot water. I take an extra-strength ibuprofen liquid gel. The toothache is easing. “What’s it all about Elphie?”

      Yep, I am grateful for my health. I’m thankful for the universe cooperating with me, helping my body recoup, the lovely dentist, the young man helping me with the grocery cart, and the terrific druggist who said eating cold potatoes provides probiotics that help when taking strong anti-biotics.

     The hot lemon drink is now finished; I will make a potato salad for supper; it will provide probiotics, and I won’t have to chew.

     Thank you to the universe, my resilient body, medication, medical people, and the many kind people I encounter. Am I nuts, maybe not?

4 Replies to “AM I NUTS?”

  1. Oh, wow, what a day. So do you think your stuffy head and bladder infection have been related to your tooth all this time? Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly…

    Liv and I had such a great day…she really cranked out the art projects!

    I’m around tomorrow, work Wednesday. Let me know if you need anything. Those gifts of intercession today of the dentist, young man, pharmacist…God cares.

    Xo 🙏🏼

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  2. Wow. I was exhausted just reading your story. Your memory is v good. Keep writing. Happy Easter. All is well here. My return to golf has been slow due to cold rainy days

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