Rosaline (Rose) lives in Victoria, B.C…. dubbed The City of Gardens.  She is a retired Early Childhood Educator, an artist and a lover of nature.  As a child she grew up in the forest.  She found companionship and solace in trees and nature.  Her 2016 children’s picture book entitled “Laura Lamb Finds the Forest” is about a lonely little lamb who finds her way into the forest.  There she finds companionship in nature. Rose’s hope is this picture book will promote and illustrate a sense of belonging to young readers and encourage in them a desire to connect with nature.


Rose, also happily plants, grows, picks and presses flowers. The placement, beauty and expression of creating each original “Frame-It Card” give her joy and appreciation. She is currently working on her “Life” story and “Recipes and Memories” cook book.

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