Mum made the best cup of tea. I’m sure her British background. First, she’d ‘HOT the pot’…that meant running the hottest possible tap water into the, of course, china teapot while the tea kettle boiled. When the water just started to boil she’d empty the hot water from the teapot, add loose tea, then pour the boiling water over the tea.  She said the water always had to be at a full rolling boil (letting it boil hard at least one minute) before pouring it into the teapot with tea. She’d let it steep for about five minutes. Always using a bone china cup and saucer she would add milk first and then the tea. Not cream but milk.  When bubbles came to the top she’d say, “Quickly get the bubbles and you’ll receive some money”. We’d quickly spoon the bubbles into our mouths.  Then a fun time when she would read our teacups.  First, we’d turn the cup upside down in the saucer and turn it to the right three times.  With an intent, serious, expression on her face, she’d look at the tea leaf formation and tell us what she saw. She always saw good things in our future.