A moment in time

Floral scent, candle glow

Glistening stones to hold

Hope and happiness fading

Feel the stones, smell the flowers.

Be forever filled with beauty love and grace.

Beautiful, Beautiful Bottle.

Rfc 2003


I wrote this so called poem and designed a purple bottle with stones and scent for my daughter when she was at a very low point in her life. She was extremely depressed and troubled and I was extremely concerned. I felt powerless and I believe she felt hopeless.

Now 15 years later, today February 23, 2017 she is working full time in management, parenting her teenage daughter, motivated to eat and sleep; she is homemaking and loving her husband of nearly 20 years.  She talks to me, her mother, on the average of once a week.  Hope, patience, love and choosing life bit by bit, the blackness has become blue light. Not sure why I wrote blue light instead of bright light but blue seems right, for today.

Rfc 2017

With hope of giving hope to others -you- I share this at: www.expressionbyrosaline.com


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