A snowdrop I see2017-snow-drops

After long winter’s end

With petals of three

And green dots inside.

I’m reminded of life

And the whiteness of Christ.

If I listen in silence

My strength shall renew.

I’ll mount up wings

Like an eagle and fly,

Protected and Blessed!

Then the daffodils bloom

With a bugle inside,

My silence is broken

I’ll shout out and cry

Please show me and know me

It’s not time to die.

R.f.c May 9, 2007

Here I am March 2, 2017, ten years have passed by, oh my!  Please not to worry I am not wanting to die, not now nor then when I wrote “snowdrop”.  The pen just took me there. I share this  with you hoping a practice of silence will take you on the wings of an eagle to heights of flight.  With love.


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